Neuro & Headache Center

Neuro & Headache Center

1340 Charles Street, #400
Rockford, IL 61104



Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

We can relieve your headaches!

Our clinic is experienced at helping people who haven’t found relief from other treatments. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Royce, the Neuro and Headache Center uses a wide range of approaches to helping patients, including diet modifications, physical therapy, medication, lifestyle change and stress management. Our team will identify the type of headache causing you pain, and develop a treatment plan with one goal in mind: Helping you feel better.


Biofeedback services
BOTOX injections
Concussion treatment
Cranial and spinal neurosurgery
Headache treatment
Minimally invasive spine surgery
Non-surgical treatment of traumatic brain injuries
Occipital nerve block
Peripheral nerve surgery