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Sunscreen Safety

Did you know that using the end of a spray bottle of sunscreen before a day at the beach means you'll be buying aloe lotion that night? We learned that the hard way. Don't be lobsters like us. Keep your skin healthy and pain-free with just a bit more planning!

Celebrate Dads!

Dad. Also known as King of the Castle, Ruler of the Remote, Tickle Monster and Cannonball Teacher. We love dad every day, but Sunday is his day to feel some extra love! Try spoiling him one of the easy meals below and get to enjoying all things dad!

Men Missing Check-ups

Liver disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are just a few of some of the most frequent men’s health risks. But according to SwedishAmerican’s Dr. Christopher Rhyne, there’s an even bigger health issue that all men need to be aware of.

“The most important thing for men is you have to come in and see your doctor,” Dr. Rhyne said. “Once men reach the college ages, they just fade off. Then we don’t see them until their mid-40s. Those are a lot of lost years.”

Does Wine have Health Benefits

It’s National Wine Day! We’ve all heard that red wine offers some health benefits, though some of the studies are up for debate. Who better to discuss the topic than a one of our cardiologists?!

Elizabeth Zook, APRN is our newest addition at the Heart Institute. With board certification in family practice and a special interest in cardiac health, holistic medicine and preventive medicine, she received her medical degree from Walden University in Minneapolis. She offers the following thoughts on the benefits of wine.

Positive Body Image

You want your nine-year-old’s biggest worries to what vegetables mom puts on her plate and wondering whether the tooth fairy will co