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Fall Flu Shot Season

With pumpkins and changing leaves comes something that’s not so welcome: Flu season.

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Here's a costume for the kid who can't make up her mind: A rainbow butterfly kitty unicorn. Yep, it's a real costume -- a mishmash of the things little girls love. And for a mom, it ticks all the boxes: Warm, easy to move in, easy to spot on a dark night and no creepy mask.

As it turns out, mom gut has a pretty good basis for Halloween costumes. Experts agree that the safest Halloween costumes do indeed have those qualities -- plus a few more. So consider these tips when shopping this Halloween:

More than Pumpkin Pie

Don’t trick yourself into missing out on this treat! The classic Halloween symbol – a pumpkin – is also a terrific way of bringing nutrients to your body!

Fall into Fitness

Fall into a great fitness routine! Autumn is a great time to boost your exercise regimen. Why? Because it’s particularly delightful to be outside!

Cool, crisp fall air makes for a terrific setting for breaking a sweat. And – bonus! – you’ll have set good habits in time for holidays.

Consider walking, hiking or cycling to launch your fitness routine. Looking to change things up? Bring your in-line skates and check out a new park trail.

A Buschel and a Peck

Go ahead, indulge in autumn offerings. There are plenty of ways to do that without slicing them into pies or gobblers.