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A Buschel and a Peck

Go ahead, indulge in autumn offerings. There are plenty of ways to do that without slicing them into pies or gobblers.

Caffeine Jitters

Maybe it’s time to cut back on your daily cup of joe.

Picky Eaters

Parenthood just isn’t complete without a stand-off over broccoli.

Handwashing Tips for Kids

It’s no secret: Kids can be gross! There’s no telling where those little hands have been, from toads to noses and everything in between. So when you pile 60 of those little hands together in a small classroom, it’s no wonder that back-to-school time tends to bring new bouts of illness.

The average kid brings home between six and 10 colds each year. That’s why the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has developed what it calls a “DIY vaccine” for schoolchildren: Handwashing.

Healthy School Lunches

Say goodbye to Lunchables and hello to fresh, delicious lunches this school year! As you prepare to send those kiddos off to a new grade at school, consider starting a habit of sending healthy homemade lunches!

Aim to pack proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains in your child's lunchbox. If you need quick items, bypass the chip bags and grab single-serving applesauce or baby carrots.

A few other ideas: