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Belly Sensitivity

Even if you don’t have Celiac Disease, your belly still might feel better without gluten! Research is inconclusive, but doctors believe some people are gluten-sensitive, though they may not be struggling from Celiac.

About one in 100 people have Celiac, but as many as six in 100 might be gluten-sensitive. Both conditions include symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain and fatigue.

Those with Celiac find that their immune system attacks the lining of their intestine when they eat gluten, the protein that makes bread rise.

Heart Happy Health

We can help make your heart happy! High cholesterol is an indication that your heart might be working harder than it needs to. It increases your chance of both heart disease and heart attacks.

Your doctor can provide medication to help, but a few basic diet changes will go a long way toward reducing your cholesterol naturally -- and that will make for a happy, healthy heart!

The Perfect Combo

Holy Guacamole! There are a lot of guacamole recipes floating around out there, but registered dietitian Molly Sleger has one that she swears by. This one comes from the “What’s Gaby Cooking” recipe book and is loaded with health benefits including fiber, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals.

The secret to this one, Molly says, is the combination of both the lime AND lemon. So whip up a batch and enjoy National Guacamole Day!


The New Kid

No one likes being the new kid. But this school year, there are bound to be some in every school. It’s understandably nerve-wracking to go to a new school – whether you’re the only new kid, or if you are simply joining your classmates in moving to a new building. As adults, we can help ease that anxiety. Here are some tips:

Brain Boosting Breakfasts

Don’t let your kids start the day on an empty brain! Help them kick their smarts into high gear with a brain-fueling breakfast. Believe it or not, the foods they eat can actually help them perform better in school.

Try some of these tasty ways to start the day: