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Everyone can use a little healthy advice from time to time. That’s why we created Health Tips—blogs packed with great information to help you and your family stay well. Here you’ll find our doctors and healthy living experts sharing advice in areas like nutrition, exercise, heart health, cancer prevention and more.

Confusing Heart Attack Symptoms

It’s a medical fact: women are tricky to figure out! Where men are more likely to have a “Hollywood” heart attack – grasping his chest and collapsing – a woman having a heart attack tends to be far more subtle.

Gift for the Heart

Give your Valentine a gift even their heart will love! This might be the time of year when chocolate abounds, but there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with healthy treats, too. Get your creative juices going and try out one of these heart-healthy V-Day snacks:

A Healthy Nap

Here’s a great excuse to take a nap!

Snow Day Boredom-busters

Trapped inside on a snow day....again? When it's time to turn the television off but you aren't sure what to do with your stir-crazy clan, test out one -- or all! -- of these five indoor boredom-busters.

Benefits of Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month! Our Registered Dietitian Molly Sleger says there are loads of benefits in a cup, including hydration, warmth and antioxidants. Here are a few of her “Tea Facts.”