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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Why Pap Tests are Important and Screening Options in Illinois

Cervical cancer is one of the most serious health threats faced by women in the United States.13,000 women are estimated to be diagnosed each year

Are You Too Young For a Mammogram?

A mammogram is an essential health screening for women, but most people don't know when they should start. How often do you need to get a mammogram?

A Different New Year's Resolution

Losing weight and exercising are common and very popular New Year's resolutions. Maybe a different approach is needed to achieve these goals.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

Winter is officially here. No matter the destination, every winter driver needs to be prepared if something goes wrong. Preparing a winter storm survival kit for your vehicle is a must.  Always know that you could potentially be stranded for several hours depending on how severe the storm. Be sure to include things that will help you stay warm. Here are a few items you should have in your winter storm survival kit:

Dexa Scans: Learn Your True Body Fat Percentage without a Scale

It can be an uncomfortable topic over the holidays, but let's talk about body fat. 

Are you wondering how to measure your body fat percentage? It's key to know your level of body fat as part of your overall wellness.

Fat is an important part of the body's functioning. With insufficient levels of fat, the body does not have a ready, long-lasting energy supply to burn in times of need. Those with too much fat may face an elevated risk of cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis and some cancers.