Health Blog

Everyone can use a little healthy advice from time to time. That’s why we created Health Tips—blogs packed with great information to help you and your family stay well. Here you’ll find our doctors and healthy living experts sharing advice in areas like nutrition, exercise, heart health, cancer prevention and more.

Bike Safety Tips

Before the kids take their bikes out this spring remember these easy safety tips:

Benefits of Guacamole

While Cinco de Mayo started as a day to remember the Mexican victory over France in the Battle of Puebla in 1862, many of us today see it as a day to celebrate Mexican culture and food. And one of the main stars of every Mexican meal -  the guacamole! Lucky for us guac lovers, this side has a ton of nutritional benefits. Anna Nielsen, one of our dietitians, breaks it down:

Hand Sanitizer vs Soap

The first step toward health is banishing germs! That's why our staff takes hand washing pretty seriously here at Swedes. But did you know that you play a role in keeping our hospital safe?

Patients and visitors are at risk of catching germs, even as they are in the hospital being treated for something else. That's why hand hygiene is so important within the hospital walls!

Creative Ways to be Healthy

We love seeing kids embrace their health! That's why it's so exciting that this is Every Kid Healthy Week, a time when schools nationwide promote eating better and moving more. Of course, that's not something that has to happen only at school. Check out these ideas to incorporate better health with your family at home!

Healthy Easter Tips

Easter, along with most holidays, is accompanied by "indulgent" foods. And in all likelihood we are going to eat more than our usual fill on these days. Here are a few tips for how we can enjoy the day and all the goodies that come with it: