Yum! A Turkey Cranberry Stuffing Sandwich

turkey sandwich

Need a go-to recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers? We can help! You might have splurged on rich foods during your Thanksgiving dinner, but that doesn’t mean that the leftovers can’t be healthy! On its own, turkey breast is a great source of lean protein and root vegetables are terrific fall produce.

So use these ideas to fill out your week-after-Thanksgiving menu – your heart and your waistline will be thankful!

  • Turkey noodle soup. Use Thanksgiving veggies and turkey to set the base for a hearty soup.
  • Leftover turkey salad. Top your favorite greens with turkey and vegetables from your feast. You can even toast leftover stuffing to become croutons for your salad.
  • Turkey nachos. Top your favorite nacho chips with turkey, corn, salsa and cheese.
  • Turkey cranberry wraps. Enjoy a delicious lunch with leftovers rolled into a tortilla.
  • Shepherd’s pie – with a turkey twist. So many leftovers can be used with this casserole! Heat turkey with tomato paste, chicken broth, thyme and rosemary. Mix in leftover green bean casserole, then top with mashed potatoes and warm through in the oven.