Working From Home

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Sometimes working from home just doesn't work! There's no doubt that most of us are working from situations that are less than ideal right now. We are homeschooling, earning paychecks, cooking dinner and refereeing our kids. Talk about a juggling act!

We have some advice to help you increase productivity, improve focus and maybe even enjoy quarantine a bit.

  • Have a schedule. Choose a start time and an end time to your days. Decide what time lunch and breaks will be. Schedule which tasks will be done in the morning, and which in the afternoon. The great part about working from home is that you can be flexible with your schedule - the point is to have structure in place.
  • Lay some ground rules. There need to be times when the kids are free to interrupt you and times when they can't. Put a stop sign on your door during critical meetings -- and don't forget to remove it when the call is over.
  • Get dressed. It's totally your prerogative if you just want to dress in day pajamas. But wear something different than you did to bed.
  • Give yourself transition time. You might not have realized it, but your daily commute was helping you mentally switch into and out of work mode. You don't have that when working from home, so build it intentionally into your day.
  • Don't work in the living room. Many work hours have been wasted away by being sucked into whatever kid television show is playing. Ask us how we know.
  • Take time for tech. Most of us don't have the technology capabilities that our office does. But spend some time -- an hour, a day -- getting a set-up that will help you succeed. That might mean paying for faster Internet, downloading the Zoom app or deleting those photos from 2015 on your home computer.
  • Check-in often. Work happens at the water cooler more than you might realize. Make a point to touch base with co-workers frequently so that everyone is still communicating effectively.
  • Turn on white noise. You can even download apps that have white noise if you're having a hard time blocking out the Nerf war happening outside your office door.