Too Much Baby Stuff?

baby clothes

A wipe warmer is great, but is it necessary? Just stroll down the baby aisle of any big box store, and you’ll notice that baby goods are big business. There’s a gadget for just about everything. Unfortunately, many moms buy items that sit unused because they’re either unnecessary or not needed for their particular baby. Even diaper fit can vary from baby to baby, so stocking up on boxes of one particular brand might wind up being a waste.

So what do you actually need when bringing baby home from the hospital? Here’s a quick checklist:

  • A car seat. Really, we won’t let you leave without one. Have it properly installed before heading home.
  • A swaddle blanket. Babies love to be snuggled up tight.
  • Nipple cream. You’ll be glad to have it if you plan to nurse. If not, have bottle essentials on hand.
  • A breast pump or formula. Quite often, babies need a bit more than they’re able to get on their own.
  • Diapers. Whether you go for cloth or disposable, diapers are a must!
  • A package of onesies or sleepers. Baby doesn’t need to wear fancy clothes in those early days, but it’s wise to have several clothing options on hand. One thing you can be sure of, your baby will find a way to dirty them quickly!