Thanksgiving for Picky Eaters

thanksgiving meal

Does your picky eater turn up his nose at your Thanksgiving feast? If your kid’s holiday plate includes plain turkey, a roll and – if you’re lucky – a scoop of corn, don’t fret too much. We have a few ideas to get some healthy food in your kids!

  • Put out a bowl of fresh fruit or a platter of fresh veggies while you’re making your Thanksgiving meal. If you’re worried it will spoil their appetite – that’s kind of the point. At least Junior is filling up on quality nutrients instead of gorging on pie.
  • Get some buy-in. Kids love to help cook. Even though it might take a bit longer, get them involved in some of the food prep. They’ll be much more likely to try – and enjoy! – foods that they helped make.
  • Explain Thanksgiving foods. Sure, your child might have heard about the Pilgrims at school, but did they know why root vegetables are commonplace at our Thanksgiving meals? Do they realize that pumpkins and apples are in season, which is why we put them in our pies?
  • Lead by example. Remember, your kids aren’t about to sample the squash if you don’t have some on your plate as well!