Surviving Winter Break

tired mom

Here's your chance to teach your family the value of an active lifestyle! When the mid-point of winter break has your kids feeling a bit stir-crazy, join them in burning off some energy. Not only is it good for your body and mind, but it sets a great example for your kids of the ways to stay healthy throughout life.

Tackle the rest of break with these activities:

  1. Hiking. Take advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures and enjoy nature trails with the family. 
  2. Jumping. Head to a trampoline or bounce center for an afternoon -- and join the kids in the fun!
  3. Skating. Enjoy the great outdoors on ice! Head to a local outdoor rink for family fun. Bring along a wireless speaker to add tunes to your skating party.
  4. Walking. Take your dog on a family walk, rather than just sending him out into the yard.
  5. Stretching. Seek out a family yoga class, and find some zen.
  6. Playing. Visit your local park. Even if it's just for short bursts of time in cold weather, it's good for everyone to spend time outdoors.