Summer Survival Tips and Tricks

school kids

Take heart, moms! If the final school bell simultaneously makes you thrilled for summer–and annoyed with whines of boredom–we've got your back!

It so happens that we're somewhat of summer professionals around here. We've been summering pretty hard, with littles in tow, for many years now. And we'll let you in on a few of our summertime sanity secrets:

  • Make a plan. Sit down with your kids and make a bucket list of the fun things you want to do during the summer. This also could include any projects you want to tackle.
  • Sort it out. Move your bucket list items into three categories: Big, medium and small. 

Big events might be something like a trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. Medium things could include a day at Magic Waters or a lunch cruise on the Forest City Queen. The small category might be DIY sidewalk paint, a lemonade stand or popsicles with friends.

  • Schedule it–flexibly. Consider your family's comfort level as you put events on your summer calendar. For some, one big outing per week is plenty. For others, it might make sense to do just one big day all summer. Either way, mix up your big, medium and small events to give everyone just enough excitement–and just enough downtime–to enjoy their summer. 
  • Leave time for spontaneity. Some of the best summer memories come from kids having enough down time that they come up with their own games or get creative with friends. Be careful not to rob your children of those moments by providing too much scheduled fun.
  • Set it aside until fall. Try your best to push off non-essential projects until September. The kids are only young once, and your family will enjoy one another much more if there isn't extra stress on your plate. 

Do your best to head into this summer with one goal in mind: Fun with your family. The memories you'll make, and the influence you will have on your children, will be well worth it.