Staying Radiant During the Winter

face mirror

Is the dry, winter weather taking a toll on your skin? Even when dry air is abundant during winter months, there are ways to change up your beauty routine to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Start with a gentle exfoliant, followed by an oil-based moisturizer. And that doesn’t mean paying beauty-counter prices: Basic moisturizers such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly and glycerin do a great job as well.

The next step: Fall in love with lukewarm showers. Your skin will thank you and be better able to retain its natural oils. And while you’re in the shower, try cleaning with soap only on the spots that really need it. Use a non-scented, mild cleanser or consider a body wash with petrolatum to trap in water as you clean.

Finally, don’t forget to apply daily sunscreen with at least SPF 15 – snow can make the sun’s rays even more intense than water.

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