Solutions for Spring Allergies

allergy season sign

If spring has you reaching for a tissue, take heart! There might be a few things you can do to minimize your seasonal allergies this spring. While allergy sufferers often extend their winter “indoor hibernation” in an effort to avoid pollens, that simply isn’t realistic all of the time.

But if you are someone who gets seasonal allergy symptoms – itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat or trouble sleeping – here are a few things you can try to ease your way through the spring months.

  • Shower at night. This can help rinse any allergens from your skin and hair – hopefully giving you a good shot at a decent night’s sleep.
  • Keep over-the-counter allergy meds at the ready. Antihistamine3s such as Benadryl or Zyrtec can help relieve your symptoms.
  • Rinse your nose. Use a salt water solution to rinse allergens from the nose.
  • Ask your doctor about allergy shots or allergen immunotherapy. This involves introducing small amounts of your allergen into your body in an effort to change the way your immune system reacts. Ideally, your reaction to allergens could reduce in future years.
  • Change your diet. Research foods that can be connected to your specific allergens, and try eliminating them for 30 days to see if you notice an improvement.
  • Take a supplement. Research suggests that large amounts of vitamin C can mimic the effect of an antihistamine.