Snow Day Boredom-busters

kid craft

Trapped inside on a snow day....again?

When it's time to turn the television off but you aren't sure what to do with your stir-crazy clan, test out one -- or all! -- of these five indoor boredom-busters.

  1. Pretend it's summer. Go swimming in the bathtub, drink lemonade, play with kinetic sand and do a sunshine-themed craft. Your younger kids will adore the idea of summer on a chilly day!
  2. Set up stations. Think of eight activities your children would enjoy -- things like lacing, coloring, play-doh, Lincoln logs, puzzles, legos and sensory tubs. Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and have them switch after the timer goes off. Not only will they stay busy for nearly two hours, but they will be working independently - so no fighting!
  3. Host an Iron Chef Junior competition. Each kid gets to make a meal (under mom's supervision, of course) and everyone votes on their favorite. Aside from teaching kids basic cooking skills, a mom who plays her cards right might not have to cook dinner for a few nights!
  4. Get ready for Valentine's Day. You can have your kids sign their classroom valentines, make cards for their grandparents and decorate the house with paper chains and hearts for the upcoming holiday. You could even pre-bake some valentine treats and put them in the freezer until the big day. Trust us, you'll be glad you did come Feb. 13!
  5. Build an indoor obstacle course. Using jump ropes, hula hoops, tape and pillows, you can set up a course designed just for your kids' skill level. It's a great way to burn some bottled-up energy! Don't forget to keep them busy longer by asking, "Do you think you can do it faster this time?"