Safe Summer Camping

sunset camping

Keep your pack safe at the campground this summer! Your personal clan of wild animals -- you know, those little people running around your house -- would love some free time in the great outdoors this summer. And it's not hard to keep them safe and healthy on a camping trip with these tips:

  • Prepare safe food. Pack food in tight, waterproof containers and keep them in an insulated cooler. Separate raw food from prepared food. Wash hands with soap and water frequently, or use hand sanitizer if water is not available.
  • Plan safe activities. It is great for your body to enjoy hiking, biking or swimming, but be sure to do it safely! Bring helmets, swim in pairs and know what poisonous plants look like.
  • Breathe safe air. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real concern for campers. Never use fuel-burning equipment such as gas stoves or lanterns inside a tent or camper.
  • Keep safe skin. From mosquitoes to ticks, bug bites are awful! Wear long sleeves and pants if possible, and apply bug repellent containing DEET. Check for ticks often. Likewise, wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and lipscreen of at least SPF 15.