Peanut Friendly Snacks

peanut butter

Behold the mighty peanut! It’s high in fiber and protein, pairs beautifully with chocolate or jelly and is a staple at American baseball games.

But peanuts also are one of the most common, and particularly dangerous, allergies out there. Even the nut dust can be enough to trigger allergy attacks in some people.

And because those with peanut allergies often can’t breathe when they come in contact with them, many schools have become nut-free. That’s a challenge for chronic PB&J kids who often don’t like other foods.

So here is a list of some nut-free alternatives we think your kids will love!

  • Homemade lunchables. Cut deli meat and cheese into squares and pair with crackers. Let your little one build his own!
  • Veggies and ranch. Let’s face it, everyone likes to have something to dip!
  • Salty snacks. Switch things up between popcorn, pretzels and goldfish.
  • Soup. Pack a thermos with your child’s favorite warm soup on a rainy day.
  • Fruit roll-ups. Make a healthier alternative in your own oven using real fruit!
  • Yogurt. You can even add a crunch with homemade, nut-free granola!
  • Pinwheels. Layer deli meat with other sandwich fixings on a tortilla. Roll it up, then slice into fun-to-eat pinwheels.
  • Sunflower butter. When all else fails and your kiddo insists on PB&J, swap out the Jif for sunflower butter – same salty taste, with none of the peanut allergens!