Organize Your Eating Habits


Does that cinnamon roll bring you joy? Before you answer too quickly, take a Marie Kondo moment and give your eating habits a little thought. Just as you can Kondo your closet, you can also Kondo your diet. And that might bring you peace like a linen closet never would!

So as Marie would say, look at the items in your pantry or on your daily food log. Don’t just consider whether each one brings you joy – who doesn’t find curly fries particularly joyful?? – but whether it is contributing to your health goals.

Sure, Pop-Tarts are a quick breakfast in the morning, but are they feeding your body nutritionally? How about frozen pizzas – are they helping you reach your goal of staying heart-healthy well into your retirement years?

We don’t advocate strict diets that are no fun here at Swedes. But we do encourage you to be mindful about the foods you are choosing, and evaluate their place in your life goals. And if it’s not the right fit, don’t hesitate to thank that food for its place in your life before bidding it farewell.

We think Marie would approve!