One in Every Eight Women

one in 8 women

Written by: Dr. Mazen Hadid

Ladies, think of seven of your closest friends. One of you will develop breast cancer. Fortunately, we’re in the business of healing – and we cure breast cancer every day. These days, about 90 percent of breast cancer patients are alive five years later. There are a number of treatments we use to beat cancer. They include:

  • Radiation therapy:  Radiation is used to treat cancer because it kills cancer cells. Patients with cancer on the left side, and especially overlying the heart, can increase the risk of heart disease in the future. To help prevent that, doctors position these patients differently for radiation and use advanced methods to protect the heart from the radiation field. 
  • Chemotherapy: Multiple chemotherapies are used to fight breast cancer, but some of them also can cause heart disease. 

That’s why doctors carefully monitor heart function while on these medications. Despite the concern of heart disease post-breast cancer, these remain the most effective ways of fighting cancer. Our doctors here at Swedes take special steps to prevent, detect and treat heart problems throughout cancer care. Because we want you getting back to full health – and a full life – as soon as possible.

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