Nose Bleeds: 4 Helpful Tips

woman with nose bleed

During the cold winter months, our nasal passages become drier than normal because of low humidity levels (indoors and outdoors). Keep these helpful tips in mind to minimize and control your chances of getting a winter nosebleed:

    1. Dry noses have increased risk of bleeding, so moisturize your nose!

        a. Use nasal gel or saline spray to each nostril 3-6 times a day

        b. Nasal gel ointment: apply small amount to inside nostril before bed

        c. Use a humidifier in the bedroom

    2. Nasal sprays – How to use them!

        a. Aim outward toward same side ear (right nostril toward right ear and left nostril toward left ear)

    3. Nasal Sinus Rinses

        a. Great for drippy noses and to help moisturize your nose

        b. Use before bed each night for nasal congestion

        c. Especially useful to use during sinus infections and colds.

    4. How to control a nosebleed!

        a. Pinch the lower soft part of the nose firmly between 2 fingers

        b. Hold pressure for 10 full minutes without peeking/letting go

        c. Keep head in neutral position or slightly forward to avoid blood running down the back of the throat.


Dr. Jennifer Lane is an otolaryngologist (ear-nose-and-throat doctor) at the SwedishAmerican Brookside Specialty Center. To make an appointment, please call (779) 696-920