Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

woman blowing nose

It's officially spring! Bring on the robins, warm weather – and Kleenex. 

If you're an allergy sufferer, we understand that spring isn't the most welcome time of year. For a more natural approach to calming seasonal allergies, SwedishAmerican's Dr. Srivani Sridhar offers a few holistic solutions. 

"The best natural remedy for allergies is using nasal sinus irrigation daily, via netti pot or saline washes," she said. "It is advised to use distilled or boiled water, to avoid getting an infection from tap water."

Either use pre-packaged nasal saline rinse packets, or make your own mix by combining 1 teaspoon of kosher salt and ½ teaspoon of baking soda in one pint of water.

Other natural remedies include supplements:

Stinging nettle. Used in place of an antihistamine, stinging nettle offers allergy relief without many of the side effects of medications. Take between 300 and 1200 milligrams of freeze-dried leaf two to four times daily. This should not be used during pregnancy, and can cause diarrhea, so it is best taken with food.

Butterbur. Taking 50 milligrams twice per day has shown to be as effective as the medicine Zyrtec.

Quercetin. This supplement is best started before the allergy season begins. Take 400-500 milligrams twice daily between meals. Alternately, onions, parsley, sage, tomatoes, and citrus fruits are rich food sources of Quercetin. You can take it with 500 mg of bromelain each time to improve absorption.
"It is also important to drink plenty of fluids, avoid congesting foods such as dairy products, and ingest plenty of antioxidants," Sridhar said.

As always speak to your doctor before starting any new supplements as they can interact with medications.