Moderation is Key


Do something good for your heart this Valentine’s Day: eat a steak! That’s right! While red meat long has been a villain in heart-healthy diets, doctors say that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Much of today’s beef is considerably leaner than it was years ago, as cattle farmers have learned more about raising healthier beef.

From a dietary standpoint, beef has a few solid heart benefits. It is a better source of protein than most plant-based foods, and it tends to have the “healthy” monosaturated fat. In fact, studies show that a four- to five-ounce serving of beef can actually help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Before you plan beef-based dinners for the week, remember that even red meat is only good in moderation. But certainly, allowing yourself the chance to eat beef gives you a diet that’s easier to maintain for years to come.

Experts say to aim for variety: some veggies, some grains – and now, some red meat. We certainly don’t have a beef with that!