Men Missing Check-ups

tie and stethoscope

Liver disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are just a few of some of the most frequent men’s health risks. But according to SwedishAmerican’s Dr. Christopher Rhyne, there’s an even bigger health issue that all men need to be aware of.

“The most important thing for men is you have to come in and see your doctor,” Dr. Rhyne said. “Once men reach the college ages, they just fade off. Then we don’t see them until their mid-40s. Those are a lot of lost years.”

Some studies show that men are twice as likely to skip regular doctor checkups than females. Dr. Rhyne said there are several reasons behind the trend. One reason is women continue to see physicians regularly when they’re having children. Furthermore, it is usually moms who bring in the kids for their own routine check-ups, which gives them that much more accessibility to physicians.

“There’s also the old notion for some men that if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not a big deal,” Dr. Rhyne said. “But if they’re not coming in, they’re missing screenings, they are missing discussions, and they are missing prevention. We need all men to know that they shouldn’t wait.”