Meal Planning Made Easy

meal planning

We get it – meal planning is often neglected in favor of carryout menus when life gets busy. And then there are the times when you could cook, but have no idea what to make.

But sitting down to a home-cooked meal has great health benefits for your family, so give meal planning a try with these tips:

Pantry-inspired meals. What ingredients do you have on hand? An abundance of green beans from your garden, or leftover roasted chicken? Find a recipe app that lets you search by ingredients to use up your leftovers in a clever new way.

Theme night: This just makes meal-planning more fun – and your kids will enjoy knowing what to expect at the dinner table that night. Consider Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Breakfast Wednesday, New Recipe Thursday, Fun Friday, Sandwich Saturday and Pizza Sunday.

Double it up. Making a Sunday soup? Double that recipe and freeze half of it. Then, when you are short on time or dinner ideas, you can choose from something that is already made and in the freezer.

Monthly rotation: Keep a list of the meals that work well for you. Once you have about 30 of your favorites, you can create a monthly rotation of the meals. And with that, you won’t have to worry about weekly meal planning.

Mom for the win!