Making Your Super Bowl Party Healthy

party food

Barely a month after those healthy New Year's resolutions took effect, Super Bowl food can be intimidating. But SwedishAmerican dietitian Molly Sleger says it's all about prioritizing and planning. 

Her advice:

  • Eat healthy most of the weekend or following week. Skip eating out Friday and Saturday night. Save up those indulgences.
  • Get some fresh air. Go outside Sunday morning to get a mental boost. Excessive eating can be driven by negative emotions.
  • Only the best for you! Don't waste valuable belly space on a mediocre dish.
  • Eat breakfast and a light lunch, so you don't go into kickoff starving.
  • Stop eating before you become regretfully full.
  • Round out your Super Bowl menu with a few healthier options, such as Texas caviar, tomato-based chili and carbonated water.
  • Find ways to enjoy the game without focusing on food. Consider a competition to predict the final store, or perhaps a costume contest.
  • Find your way back to healthy starting with breakfast on Monday. Enjoy the memories of Super Bowl Sunday with friends, and don't shame yourself for the unhealthy choices the day before.