Make your Spring Break a blast!

excited kid

There’s no need for your kids to spend a week playing on electronics. Just a little planning can keep your clan busy and active during their school vacation. Check out these ideas for Spring Break entertainment!

Monday: Smell the flowers at Anderson Gardens. Then, Google instructions for making your fun labyrinth in your own backyard that the kids can enjoy all spring!

Tuesday: Take a trip to the beach – without ever leaving your house. Have the kids swim in the bathtub, make lemonade and play with kinetic sand from their beach chairs.

Wednesday: Spend some time outdoors. Head to a park – or even your backyard – with a list of items to find in your own Scavenger Hunt! While the kids search, set up an obstacle course for them to navigate.

Thursday: Be a local tourist! Have your kids been to Anderson Gardens? Oregon’s Blackhawk statue? Midway Village? Try out a new – or trusty old favorite – place around the Rock River Valley.

Friday: Have a little Easter fun. Face paint a bunny nose and whiskers, dye Easter eggs with shaving cream and have a “practice” egg hunt.

Enjoy only happens once a year!