Make water your best companion this summer!

boy drinking water

While many of your summer activities involve water, it's also important to make sure your body is getting enough of it. Heat and sunshine can use more of your body's hydrating resources, so try some of these tips for getting in more water this summer:

Grab a glass of cold water when you get that after-lunch tired feeling. Researchers tell us that people feel instantly more alert after drinking water.

Stock up on produce. Vegetables and fruits are rich in water, so you're getting extra hydration without even trying.

Curl up with a mug of herbal tea after dinner. By doing this, you'll not only enjoy a relaxing way to unwind, but you'll also drink an extra cup of fluid every day.

Keep a bottle of water with you. People who carry water around with them drink more than those who don't.

Drink before you get thirsty. It might sound counter-intuitive, but thirst suggests that you're already behind in the hydration game.

Watch what you're wearing. Preventing dehydration doesn't always have to do with what you're eating or drinking! Wear loose, light-colored clothes and seek out shade as a way to keep your fluid stores high.