Make a Difference

Giving Back

Make a difference while you’re quarantined! Just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean we can’t help one another. Volunteering and giving back is a healthy way to find purpose and a positive outlook during stressful times. Here are 10 ways you can help others – even while sheltering in place!

  1. Mail a homemade card to your child’s teacher. She will love knowing that your child is still thinking of her!
  2. If you’re lucky enough to find cleaning supplies or sanitizer, donate them. Hospitals and medical centers need them, as do essential daycare centers and nursing homes.
  3. Pick up the phone. Spend a few minutes each day checking in with elderly family members or neighbors you know live alone.
  4. Make a financial donation to a food pantry. With the cost of groceries going up and families dealing with job layoffs, the role of food pantries is more important than ever.
  5. Donate blood. As long as you are healthy and get safely get to a blood bank, your donation would be very helpful to medical providers during this time.
  6. Send groceries. If you know someone who has been laid off, a grocery gift card would be a great gesture. For someone who is in the high-risk category, consider gifting a grocery delivery service.
  7. Set out a box of treats for delivery people who come to your door. Say thanks for those who continue to work!
  8. Consider fostering or adopting a pet. It can be a challenge for shelters to provide for extra animals during this time. Help lighten their load by making some room in your home.
  9. Seek out single-parent families. Particularly if they have small children, it is hard for single parents to run essential errands without their children in tow. Volunteer to combine their errands with yours!
  10. Show gratitude to the essential workers in your life. They are working to keep our society functioning while we are binge-watching Tiger King. Clean up their yard, send pizza delivery to their house or buy them a gas card.