Make 2019 A Healthier New Year


We're hoping for a healthier you in 2019! Weight loss is perhaps the most common new year's resolution, and we think that's great! After all, better diet and exercise are just what the doctor ordered.

But so often, January diets fail because...well, because they are diets. It's well documented that lasting weight loss comes from the kind of lifestyle changes that are slow and steady.

To do that, consider adding these tips to your weight loss plan:

  1. Tackle one thing at a time. The kind of perfection required from calorie-counting can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. So make one change. Maybe it's cutting out soda, or swapping French fries for baked chips. Once that feels like a comfortable habit, begin making another change. Before you know it, you will have made a number of sustainable diet changes that add up to one big difference!
  2. Tuck away that scale. If you're the type who is tempted to hop on the scale daily, ask a spouse to hide it for you. Arrange to bring it out regularly -- once a week, or once a month -- if you truly want to track the numbers. But looking at it more often than that won't give you a good snapshot of your weight loss trend.
  3. Look for ways to improve–and write them down. Be specific about how you intend to accomplish your goals. Will it be by eating more vegetables? By increasing water intake?
  4. Add instead of take away. Yes, we know the cookies and chips are weight loss killers. But rather than focusing on not eating those, make a list of healthy foods you enjoy. This is your chance to fill up on yogurt and berries, or veggies and hummus. With any luck, there won't be as much room left for junk food.
  5. Make yourself an expert. Surround yourself with health-related articles and podcasts as a way of continuing to stay motivated. It's very hard to make knowingly unhealthy decisions when you're filling your mind with so much health information!