Leftover Lunch Ideas

leftovers salad

Reuse your leftovers for a healthy lunch. Chop dinner leftovers such as meats and vegetables to create a new meal. Tip: you can use beans as a quick protein source in place of a leftover meat. Roasted chickpeas can add protein and flavor.

Here are a few ideas to revamp leftovers for a new meal.   

1. Green salad. Use a leafy green variety to serve as the base. Add your leftovers, other raw vegetables, a sprinkle of cheese or sunflower seeds, berries or apple. Use an oil or yogurt-based dressing.   

2. Wrap. Spread hummus or avocado on the tortilla to hold other ingredients in place. Add in leftovers, a handful or spinach, and maybe even a favorite hot sauce.

3. Stuffed potato. Pile your leftovers on a baked sweet potato and reheat. Add in 1-2 tbsp of shredded mozzarella cheese or goat cheese.

4. Quinoa salad. Add in protein option with cooked or raw vegetables. Add in spinach if reheating quinoa, it will wilt nicely. Add in a small dash of an oil-based dressing.   

5. Non-green salad. Shred leftover chicken or fish. Add a small amount of plain, Greek yogurt, and chopped red onion or halved grapes. Use whole grain crackers, whole grain tortilla, whole grain pita, whole grain bread, bed of leafy greens, etc. with it.