Kid-friendly Dinner Ideas

meal planning

Between piano lessons, after-school clubs and football practice, it’s amazing moms manage to serve dinner at all! We understand that back-to-school and fall activities schedules can hit families hard, so we’re hooking you up with a week’s worth of easy, kid-friendly dinner ideas to keep your busy kids fueled.

  1. MONDAY: Crock pot spaghetti and meatballs. Buy frozen turkey meatballs and put them, along with a jar of marinara sauce, into your crock pot in the morning. Cook a quick batch of spaghetti at dinnertime, or just add dry pasta with extra sauce to the pot an hour before serving. You can even substitute zucchini noodles for half of the pasta. Either way, this is a dish that can sit in the crock pot on warm for hours while your family comes and goes!
  2. TUESDAY: Sub sandwiches. Prep a veggie and meat plate, then a veggie and condiment plate, and set them out with hoagie rolls or tortilla wraps. Let your kids DIY their perfect dinner – and it’s perfect to take on the road if needed. Set out sliced apples and carrots to round out their meal.
  3. WEDNESDAY: Sausage and potatoes. Place a package of frozen potatoes o’brien and a package of chicken sausage in a skillet. Heat through, then place in a crock pot on warm for your kids to help themselves as needed. Cucumber slices and grapes add some healthy extras on the side.
  4. THURSDAY: Fried rice. Take any leftover meat and veggies from your fridge and throw it in a skillet with cooked rice. Add soy sauce to taste, then mix in a scrambled egg. This is perfect for a thermos when you don’t have time to eat at home!
  5. FRIDAY: BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. Put chicken breasts and BBQ sauce in the crock pot in the morning. Shred the chicken and serve sandwiches at dinnertime! Add corn on the cob and cherries on the side.