Keeping Your Family Healthy During Quarantine

sick person

Is COVID-19 hitting a little too close to home? With so much focus on quarantining, it can be easy to forget about protecting one group of people from COVID– your family. But just because one person tests positive doesn’t mean the entire household is doomed to get it as well.

Follow these tips to protect your family members from COVID, even when one person contracts it:

  • Isolate the sick. If possible, that means keeping them in their own bedroom and using their own bathroom. They should stay away from other family members for 10 days after the beginning of symptoms and until they have been fever-free for 24 hours. Wash their dishes in hot water and dish soap, and wear disposable gloves while doing their laundry.
  • Provide basic care. Help the isolated person by providing meals, medications and fluids. Keep an eye on their well-being, looking out for symptoms such as difficulty breathing or trouble waking as signs that they need more advanced medical care.
  • Mask up. Just as it does outside of your home, masking is a key way to make sure you stay safe, even with a sick family member. Any time you must come in contact with that person, both of you should wear masks. Also, continue with everyday precautions such as frequent handwashing.
  • Disinfectant is your friend. Make it a daily task to clean off light switches, doorknobs and faucets. Not all cleaners are effective against coronavirus, so read the fine print on yours to make sure you are using the right kind.