How to Start Your Resolution

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Have you already dropped your New Year’s resolution? We’re here to help you pick it back up! We have a few tricks to set up lifestyle changes that stick:

  • Find a consistent schedule. Look for the tiny gaps in your day when you could be accomplishing your goals. If you have 20 minutes between kid activities each afternoon, schedule yourself to spend time with those books you committed to reading. If you get home 30 minutes before your spouse, use that time to go for a quick walk every day. When you eliminate the need to make an in-the-moment decision, you’ll be more likely to stick to your plan.
  • Get an early start. You would be surprised how many successful people are early risers. Of course, it’s never going to stick if you skimp on sleep in order to work on your goals. But try gradually moving your bedtime 15 minutes earlier so that you begin to wake earlier. It’s a great time of day to accomplish personal goals, before life’s distractions come along!
  • Put it on the calendar. What gets scheduled, gets done. Appointments to prepare healthy snacks or to spend a few minutes stretching should go on your calendar along with meetings and conference calls.
  • Break it down. Don’t set goals like, “lose 100 pounds.” That’s simply discouraging. Rather, break it into smaller goals that you can celebrate as you reach them. Perhaps you do something special every time you’ve lost 25 pounds, or mark it off in 10-pound increments. Smaller goals are easier to tackle – and you get to celebrate your wins that much more often!