How to Spring Clean Your Health

washing windows

Do more than just wash the windows this spring! Take advantage of this change of season to spring clean your health as well! Here is a collection of small changes you can make that could have a big impact on your wellness:

  • Clear out your medicine cabinet. Toss out-of-date medicines and replenish your first-aid kit before summer.
  • Schedule routine tests and wellness exams for the year. That might be a colonoscopy, mammogram or general physical. Not due until fall? Bonus – you’ll get the time slot you really want by booking ahead!
  • Wash your linens and blankets to reduce allergens. Yep, lots of those pesky allergens actually live in your bedroom. Give it a good cleaning!
  • Replace the shoes you wear for exercise. Running shoes max out at 300 miles, while other sneakers aren’t far behind. Don’t wait for your shoes to show wear before you replace them – your feet will thank you!
  • Add fresh produce to your diet. With spring comes new seasonal foods – take advantage of the offerings!
  • Spend time outside daily. Boost your vitamin D, get exercise and enjoy the soothing benefits of fresh air all with this one activity!