Here's a problem that's not too splashy!

kids swimming

Swimmer's ear can be common after plenty of time in the pool. It's an infection of the outer ear canal, sometimes caused by bacteria that grows in the moisture left in your ear after swimming. Kids, whose ear canals are more narrow, are at a higher risk of developing this infection.

The good news is, you generally don't need a doctor to treat swimmer's ear. There are a range of over-the-counter eardrops that tend to be sufficient in clearing it up. Look for an acidic or antifungal drop designed for swimmer's ear.

Take note, though: if left untreated, swimmer's ear can have more serious health implications. Contact your physician if you have severe ear pain or a fever.

Of course, the best thing you can do is prevent swimmer's ear from developing in the first place. Dry your ears well after swimming or bathing, and avoid swimming in areas where there are high levels of bacteria in the water. If you do not have an active infection, consider swimming with earplugs or a swim cap to minimize the water that gets into your ear.

And then, dive on in and enjoy a summer swim!