Helping Our Elderly

baby facetime

Did you know one of the best ways to combat loneliness is to help others? Even during this time of quarantine, when it’s hard to feel like we are connecting with other people, you can deepen your sense of community simply by helping.

If you’ve been thinking about the elderly members of our community, but aren’t sure how to help them during this time, read on:

  • Skype or FaceTime your older loved ones. We know. They don’t always embrace technology very readily. But if you can provide them with the equipment and then make the first call – so all they need to do is answer – you’ll set them up for a terrific experience.
  • Do their grocery shopping. Pick up basics for your elderly neighbors and leave them on their front porch so they don’t need to go to the store themselves.
  • Refuse to visit - politely. Some older adults might be willing to take a risk in order to see their grandchildren. Stay firm in keeping them safe, and offer phone calls instead.
  • Have regular check-ins. Even if you can’t have your normal Sunday brunch at Grandma’s house, you certainly can arrange to talk during that time. After all, brunch was never really about the food, after all.