Healthy Tips for Your Turkey Day

thanksgiving turkey

Don't let your Thanksgiving gobble end up as a wobble!

"Thanksgiving does not need to be a calorie-laden or guilt-filled occasion in which our waistlines suffer," said Erin Burke, SwedishAmerican dietitian.

Here are her best tips to make this year's Thanksgiving a bit healthier.   

  • Eat a good breakfast such as fiber-rich oatmeal or protein-packed scrambled eggs with veggies. Skipping this important meal in order to 'save room for dinner' only encourages you to overeat.   
  • Offer to bring a healthier option of a not so healthy favorite such as the sweet potatoes or stuffing.   
  • Don't socialize near the appetizers or by the candy dish. This will only tempt you to mindlessly snack.   
  • Savor the foods you eat. Take your time to enjoy each dish so it feels more satisfying.   
  • Fill your plate with smaller portions of high calorie or high fat foods, while having larger portions of steamed veggies or lean turkey.   
  • Resist the urge to go back for second helpings.   
  • Be careful with alcohol intake: Drinks can add empty calories and cause you to overeat.   
  • Incorporate exercise throughout the day. You can go for a walk early in the day, as well as after dinner. Weather permitting, plan a family football game outdoors.