Healthy School Lunches

school lunches

Say goodbye to Lunchables and hello to fresh, delicious lunches this school year! As you prepare to send those kiddos off to a new grade at school, consider starting a habit of sending healthy homemade lunches!

Aim to pack proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains in your child's lunchbox. If you need quick items, bypass the chip bags and grab single-serving applesauce or baby carrots.

A few other ideas:

  • Celery or apple slices with peanut butter
  • Baby cucumbers or mini bell peppers
  • Boxes of raisins or cups of fruit in juice
  • Deli meat and cheese rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla, then sliced into fun pinwheels
  • Babybel cheese with wheat crackers
  • Organic yogurt tubes. Place them in the freezer overnight, then they will be thawed by lunchtime.