A Healthy New Year

meal prep

Trying to eat healthier in 2019? Start by setting realistic mid-year and year-end goals. Our registered dietitian Molly Sleger has some great tips to reach those goals. 

  1. Eat more vegetables. Try participating in a Meatless Monday, plant a garden or join a co-op or CSA, or try to challenge yourself to try a new vegetable every month.
  2. Do a weekly meal prep, such as chopping vegetables on Sunday to eat throughout the week.
  3. Always keep a bowl of fruit on your table.
  4. Buy a cookbook and eat more meals at home.
  5. Never skip breakfast.
  6. Eat fish once a week.
  7. Pack a lunch for work.
  8. Increase water intake by carrying a reusable water bottle around with you throughout the day.
  9. Let your hunger guide your food choices and portions.
  10. Don’t reference specific foods as “good” and “bad.