Healthy Christmas Cookies


There’s one thing we like more than Christmas cookies: healthy Christmas cookies! It only takes a few simple swaps to take some of the guilt out of your holiday favorites. Try these easy tips:

  • Use a heart-healthy oil, such as canola or olive, to replace up to half of the butter or shortening.
  • Look for natural food sources, such as a beet-based red dye.
  • Cut the salt in any recipe to between ¼ and ½ teaspoon per batch.
  • Substitute whole-wheat flour for your standard all-purpose flour.
  • Heart-healthy cookies? Add between two and four tablespoons of ground flaxseeds to add fiber and omega-3 to your cookies. The flavor works best in oat- or spice-based cookies.
  • Switch from icing to more creative toppings, such as nuts, orange zest or dark chocolate.