Grow your way to healthier diet!

Grow Healthy Foods

Studies show that gardeners eat healthier diets as they enjoy the foods they grow. (This works for veggie-averse kids, too!) Not only are gardeners getting good exercise while tending their crops, they also enjoy the taste of homegrown and often organic produce. 

Check out these tips for starting your own garden:

  • Water your plants early in the morning so they are well-hydrated through the afternoon heat.
  • Use a spade to turn over your soil at least once a month. This lets your vegetables sprout from the healthiest soil, while giving you some extra exercise!
  • Keep overgrown plants trimmed back so that your veggies can enjoy the sunlight.
  • Research companion planting. This involves planting vegetables near other vegetables that allow them to use each other's excess nutrients.
  • Plant onion, garlic and chives throughout your garden. Pests don't like them – and will be inclined to stay away.