The Gift of Organ Donation

heart in hand

April is National Organ Donation Month, and it's an issue dear to us here at SwedishAmerican. We see patients every day who are waiting for the donation that will save or restore their lives. 

Check out these figures about organ donation:
100,000: People on the transplant wait list right now. 
18: Patients die each day, waiting for a transplant. 
10: Minutes pass before a new person is added to the transplant wait list. 
 8: Lives can be saved from just one donor.

Here at SwedishAmerican, we honor the selfless souls who choose to become organ, eye or tissue donors. Their gifts change and rescue the lives of countless members of our community. 

If ever you thought organ donation wasn't for you, we invite you to read past the myths about organ donation. Know the facts before you make a decision that could rescue someone else!

Myth: If I'm a donor, doctors won't try as hard to save my life. 
Fact: You are the very first priority for our medical staff! They will work just as hard to save donors as they do non-donors. 

Myth: I don't mind being a donor, but it seems morbid to talk to my family about that. 
Fact: Do your family a favor and let them know. If ever you aren't in the position to make that decision yourself, it will be easier for your family to know your wishes. 

Myth: My afterlife might be affected by me being an organ donor. 
Fact: All major U.S. religions consider organ donation an act of generosity.

Myth: I won't be able to have an open casket at my funeral if I donate. 
Fact: Open casket funerals are possible for eye, tissue and organ donors. 

Myth: I can't afford to be a donor, and I don't want to put that strain on my family. 
Fact: There is no cost to be a donor, and family members are treated with a high level of kindness and respect throughout the process.