Get Some Help With Lunch

lunch food

As we are preparing to send our kiddos back to school there are plenty of concerns running through our brains. Plain and simple, COVID has changed the way we think. The mask, the hand washing, the distancing…the list goes on and on. One thing we shouldn’t worry about it how our kids are eating.

If able, provide a variety of breakfast options they will nourish your child before going to school. If packing a lunch- ask your child for input about what they want to eat (they will likely eat more of their meal if they get some say in what it is). Easy snacks to keep on hand- fruits, veggies with dip, granola bars, yogurt, cheese or peanut butter with crackers

And when it comes to dinner- ask your child once a week to pick. Help them decide a protein (red meat, poultry, cheese, fish), a starch (rice, potato, pasta, bread, corn), and a vegetable (salad, green beans, broccoli, beets, asparagus…). This will take the pressure off of you, the parent, and give them the chance to make a tasty decision. As an added bonus, include them in the preparation of the meal.

This has been a weird year with lots of unknowns yet to come. Wash your hand, sit down together, and enjoy a meal with your kids. You’ll be glad you did!