Get Organized


Make 2019 the year you keep track of your life! No more forgotten birthday gifts, missed baseball practices or misplaced library books. Sound too good to be true? Try it out this year with a few key organizational strategies.

  • Get a master calendar. It doesn't matter if you synch digital calendars or color-coded schedules on a kitchen wall calendar. Get the family's plans all in one place -- and update it daily to account for changes.
  • Make a plan. Decide what you want to accomplish and who in your family will do it. Communicate and write down your plans!
  • Give things a home. Try stackable trays or baskets for kids. It's a perfect place for their library books, homework, hairbrushes or anything else you find scattered about.
  • Share the workload. Mom can't be everything to everyone. Spread the work around so that it doesn't take any one person long to accomplish their chores. Split loading the dishwasher between two people -- one for the top rack and one for the bottom. Share laundry loads -- one for lights and someone else for the darks.
  • Say no. Don't forget to build margin into your family and your life. You are going to get a flat tire or forget to turn on the oven. Leave extra time around your scheduled activities so that your day doesn't snowball downhill when the inevitable hiccup happens.