Exercising Outdoors

bike ride

No time for the gym this summer? No problem! Summer is the perfect time to bring your exercise routine outdoors. Check out these fun gym alternatives that give your body a boost while fitting into your summer routine!

  1. Swimming. Do laps while your kids play in the pool. Or, if you need to keep a closer eye on them, keep your head above water while tooling around with a kick board or treading water.
  2. Biking. Take the entire family along, or chat with a friend as you enjoy the outdoors and burn calories at the same time!
  3. Beach games. Playing in the sand adds an extra workout to any game. Enjoy a round of volleyball or frisbee while pushing through the sand.
  4. Gardening. Between weeding, digging and pushing a wheelbarrow, there's plenty of exercise to be had in your own yard. 
  5. Walking. The extra daylight hours give you a chance to take the family on an after-dinner walk through the neighborhood.