Enjoy your family vacation – and even break a sweat!

Vacation workout

Just because you're traveling this summer doesn't mean you have to miss out on your regular exercise. Keep your healthy lifestyle going with these five tips:


  1. Make a plan before you go. Investigate your resources so you know what you're working with. Will your hotel have a gym? Might the campsite have hiking trails? Is there a golf course nearby? Your vacation might be a great excuse to change up your routine and be challenged in new ways.
  2. Sneak a jump rope into your luggage. It's small, and you can use it to get a great cardiovascular workout quickly – giving you plenty of time to enjoy the sights with your family.
  3. Make a splash. Swimming isn't just for kids. Even if you aren't a strong swimmer, hop in and do some water jogging or join the kids in a game of catch.
  4. Use your body. With the right high-intensity intervals, you can get a good workout right in your hotel room – using nothing but your own body weight.
  5. Go surfing – on the web. There are a wide assortment of workout videos that you can follow right from your phone.