Eggceptional Easter Basket Ideas

easter eggs

It’s spring and that means it is time to make Easter Baskets! Goodies can be for the little ones all the way up to to adults. Try to think of items besides chocolate to fill the basket to keep it healthy. Here’s a few categories to think about when you’re doing your shopping:

  • Activity – jump ropes, jacks, sidewalk chalk, balls from super balls to nerf balls to basket balls, gardening items like gloves or small tools, seed packages, bike or skate accessories, goggles for swimming, and pool toys.
  • Eggs – Start with a package of brightly colored plastic eggs and fill them with coins, coupons for a trip to the park, movie, ice cream cone, walk with me, etc; special notes like “awesome smile”, “good luck on your test,” ”love ya”, “enjoy lunch”, etc; stickers; temporary tattoos; and a few with candy.
  • Quiet time – CD or movie, play dough, card games like Go Fish, hair bands, nail polish, book or magazine, yarn or craft projects, crayons, markers, and a variety of types of paper – plain white, colored, scrap book, etc. 

Now go make eggceptional baskets this year!