Egg-cellent Idea!

easter eggs

If you had your fill of hard-boiled goodness - but still have a few dozen pretty pastel eggs in the fridge - we're here to lend a hand. And lucky for you, new research is showing that dietary cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol, nor one's risk for heart disease. The current recommendations from the American Heart Association, not limit egg or cholesterol intake, a change from earlier guidance from these organizations.

Eggs can be an inexpensive, yet high-quality protein source. One large egg contains 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and many essential vitamins and minerals. However, many people struggle with what to do with the hard-boiled eggs after decorating.

Below are some unique egg salad recipes to use up those eggs:

  • Classic: mayo, mustard, minced celery, salt & pepper
  • Curry: mayo, curry, cumin, mango chutney
  • Chunky: red onion, celery, dill, mayo, but leave eggs in large pieces
  • Avocado: use instead of mayo
  • Nicoise: add olives and tuna
  • Cucumber-basil
  • Pesto: use homemade or prepared pesto
  • Spicy: add minced jalapeño, cilantro, and cumin

Add variety to how you serve egg salad as well. Try whole grain crackers, bread, pita pockets, or even use as a dip with raw veggies.