Diets That Last

apple vs donut

Will it be Atkins or Shakeology in 2018? With such an onslaught of fad diets on the market, it’s hard to know exactly how to implement those health-focused resolutions. Since we want to see you healthy in 2018 and beyond, we have a few tips for the kinds of diet changes that will last the whole year through.

  • Don’t try to give your diet a complete makeover in a day. Lasting change happens by changing your habits a little at a time.
  • Think of unique ways to make your goals a reality. Trying to drink more water? Decide to drink a glass of water each time you brush your teeth. Wanting to diversify your dinner selection? Commit to a veggie-based dinner once a week.
  • Pay attention to what you’re eating. Don’t press yourself to even change your eating habits at first. Just be aware of what, when and where you are eating. Look for tendencies that you would like to eliminate, and consciously address them.
  • Find a friend. Making lifestyle changes is always easier with the support and motivation of a partner.
  • Make achievable resolutions. That doesn’t even mean losing a certain number of pounds. Try instead to eat an extra vegetable at dinner each night, or to try a new fish recipe every Tuesday.
  • Enjoy your favorites – minus a few things. Think of Coco Chanel’s accessorizing advice: “Take off the last thing you put on.” If you’re craving a burger, consider ordering one without cheese. Skip a few meat toppings on your pizza. Enjoy the foods you like, but try to remove one or two unhealthy elements.
  • Befriend your kitchen. Eating in almost always trumps eating out from a health perspective. It gives you the chance to control how your food is cooked without extra temptations.