Dexa Scans: Learn Your True Body Fat Percentage without a Scale

standing on scale

It can be an uncomfortable topic over the holidays, but let's talk about body fat. 

Are you wondering how to measure your body fat percentage? It's key to know your level of body fat as part of your overall wellness.

Fat is an important part of the body's functioning. With insufficient levels of fat, the body does not have a ready, long-lasting energy supply to burn in times of need. Those with too much fat may face an elevated risk of cardiovascular issues, osteoporosis and some cancers.

There are a few methods to determine body fat percentage. Historically, calipers were used to pinch a skin fold for its dimensions. However, results can vary depending on which calipers are used and which site of the body is tested.

Additionally, consumer scales today are able to provide estimated body composition statistics. It uses a mild electrical current to measure muscle and fat. However, accuracy also varies by brand and model.

One of the most reliable and safe methods of determining body fat percentage is called DEXA. Also known as bone density scanning, DEXA uses a small amount of ionizing radiation to accurately image bones, fat and lean mass.

It is fast, easy, extremely safe, and inexpensive despite its sophisticated technology. DEXA can also be used in diagnosis of osteoporosis risk. A quick DEXA scan can put you on the road to reaching your wellness goals.

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